Pull Yourself Together

Making Changes

Yes, i am writing this blog using EMACS, the ultimate text editor, i am so umfamiliar with it right now, but, i am getting better:)

A lot stuffs going on lately, i’ve been weighed the pros and cons about some certain things for quite a long time. But now, I don’t think i will LOST again, because i believe i made the right decision, just like the one i made in 2010. With no regrets but only excitement. I know this will become all new to me, since i regain my love for this university, which i’ve called it CRAPLAND for so long. I am really looking forward to what is happening next, i bet you will, too.

  • Career

    The first and foremost one is about my intern, or i’d prefer to called it career :)

    I decided to quit, if school not kick me out right now.

    I love my development team, my leader and brothers. yeah, we’ve became really really close friends!

    I love what i do and what i will do if i remain stay there, that’s something i wish i could get hands on in a year ago, and i finally get the chance to play with it. the Amazing linux kernel, filesystem, and Networking stuffs. And i will definitely take that offer if i got it six month ago, i wanted to write some serious code back then, besides the payment is good.

    but, everything has a beginning has an end, that’s how things work and i can only accept it. Since, i am no longer the guy i was six month ago, i am less motivated, but i will change.

    That change will not happen if i stay in company, or Beijing. and a push just came in time, letting me easier to make the call.

    So, here i am, back to Tianjin and hopefully i can pull myself together soon.

    And, I am gonna thank those guy who along the way with me, helping me making the decisions, thank you!

  • Myself

    I wanted this subtitle as ‘Relationship’ or something like that, but it’s okay, it’s kinda a problem of mine and I have to deal with it very carefully and hopefully it turn out to be good.

    I really really miss her during the days i was in Beijing, just right after i finished the project in company, i keep thinking about her. i can help myself.

    luckily i got some chances to see her sometimes, those moments are wonderful and I want more.

    We use to hang out frequently and maybe that why i am always motivated back in the days i am in school, it’s a huge lose if i can not have that anymore:(

    We had pizza at pizzahut last night, and walked in the snow, talking and laughing about her exs and some of my awkward stories. for quite a long i always thought we’ve never went out on rain or something like that, but this time we got snow, white, pretty snow. so, overall it’s feels nice! I never walk with a girl in the snow, so, luckily me, for i picked the right day. but, i was planed to buy her something, just like the story we talked earlier, it’s about a couple in a shop, the boy buy girl a cloth while she is trying it in changing room, and after she came out, the boy ask the girl to run, like escape and steal that cloth. yeah, i actually planned to do that, but.. we didn’t find a nice shop yesterday night:(

    • NOTES
      1. Our first official date was go to the movie, after we brought the tickets, i suggested we eat at pizzahut nearby the theater, but then she wanted to eat at a cheaper restaurant “yoshinoya”. at that time i thought maybe she don’t want me to spend too much money on our first date, but it just turned out that she is just simply don’t like pizzahut:(

      2. That movie is total crap, we were all confused about that movies.

      3. I still keep those tickets. the only movie we watch together.

      4. I thought she loves going to the movies, in fact, she doesn’t and i, ask her to movies for like thousand times.. silly me!!

      5. I asked her to movie again, TODAY.. dumb, no wonder her dump you in the first place. :(:(

      6. NOTES above shows I need to get to know her more!

    but, the sad part is, i don’t know when we can meet again and this is really bothering me. i didn’t cherish the time we had before and took it for grant for so long. anyway, new year is about to come and i will post later.

God! I Love School, It Feels so good!

End of my first EMACS POST, there will be more