That Could Be Interesting! I Guess.

Long time no see

  • Hi, there! First of all, happy new year to you and wish you all have a wonderful new year, i give you my very best wishes here:) Yeah, i did quit my job last year and had theses about 40 days of AWESOME holidays in my hometown with my family and friends which is fun and happy. We went to couple of places with views, of course, i took some photos, too. But most of those photos are mountains and some kind of vulgar pictures. LOL

  • Besides of having fun, i got my MacBook, it’s a whole new user experiences, which i can not tell it’s better that Linux or not. but compare to Windows. it’s definitely a piece of work. Windows sucks, i said it to all the people i care about! :) I am getting used to OS X and i think it’s more comfortable to develop some app on that machine than my old laptop. But it’s okay, i do Linux-related/python work on my old machine while i am also a newcomer of APP developing. i am getting my motivations back, it just feel much better that i want to and CAN code again!

  • Tomorrow i will fly back to school and i don’t know what that is, i am leading some students to launch a OpenStack project in school, even though i don’t think that will be too much difficult for me, given the current situation we have. but still, i will do the most major work. don’t know it’s good for me or not, just wait and see how it goes. Also, i want some nice girls who’s interested in front-end to help me, i don’t know if she exists in my school.

  • Finally, the same-old-boring topic, i can not stop thinking about her, i know she also had a great great time on holiday, she sure did! so, let’s just hope she is still available. I even pray for that in a old temple. kidding! i didn’t do that:) so, still, chances are slim but i still don’t want to give up on this girl who had stolen my heart for months, in some point stolen my codes as well:< hoping i can make this right. We didn’t send a word to each other in this whole holiday and i am not sure if she still remember me or not. but, i had hard time picking gifts for her and lucky(or not?) enough, i got something gift picking advice from my friends and sisters. so, just wait and see if she like that or not.

  • I am Back and I miss you all! the new semester could be a interesting one, not because of the school or class but you and all the uncertain changes and opportunity i wanted for a while!!