hi, there. yeah, i am gonna turn 0x17 tomorrow, that’s another whole new year for me and i think i just end my time in 0x16. after reading my last year’s post, the theme of my 0x16 is ‘trying hard to be a guy that deserves you’ , i think i failed, but i will continue to do so in my upcoming 0x17 times :)

I failed to win her heart :<

but anyway, my 0x16 times turned out to be good. i got a nice job in the early year, i learned a lot from those awesome guys i met in the dev team and i gained a lot, i wish to be as good as them in the beginning. but in the end, i got acknowledged by them. it’s not easy, but it’s quite a lot of fun.

I really enjoyed thoses times in beijing, writing codes and getting paid and having tons of fun with new friends

then, i quit that job and got back to school, plan to having some normal college student’s life. that’s, mostly a serious relationship with someone i like.

I need some motivation to be excellent againn

Also, this year, the main reason of me quitting the job and getting back to schol is, i really really want some changes, though i don’t know what that is, but it will come eventually, right?

I already made some of those, namely from user-friendly linux distribution to a more flexible one, from linux to OS X, from vim to emacs, etc

I think this year will be awesome, and i’d love to take all the challenges and opportunity in the upcoming days.

i will do more sports!

happy birthday and good luck for whatever that is.

END OF 0x16.