I Don't Like This Busy Week, but I Made It Through. So Far

hi, it’s been a while:) i just had some busy weeks and finally, i think i can take a break now. i can spend more time with friends and my personal work, plus some go on dates, if i am luckily enough.

i had been playing multiply roles for some weeks.

System Administrator

  • Since the data on our servers got destroyed by mistake, i have to do that form scratch and got some new problems, mostly because we now work at a new lab with different networking enviroment. it took some extra work. and also i have to re-write and setup our team wiki pages. i think that wiki is important but some of the guys in the team didn’t think that way, fine. now i can say that with confident that i am fully qualified for a SA position:)

HR guy


  • I don’t know what the fuck the talker is ? but i can explain what that is, i talked with some of the main members our this team, asked their thougths on this thing we are doing right now, what’re they thinking and what they want to do next. and their answer is just, let’s say, simple.
  • I used to have pretty high admire on them, and i used to think i can count on them. but right now, i think i have to re-consider those thoughts. obviously they have other pressing matters right now, i have no comment on this and i have no right to judge them. but, i have mine too, and it’s the main reason why i came back this year. it’s definitely NOT what we do right now. if you don’t have motivation or this s not interested to you any more, you can quit. because at this point, i just find out every one right now are replaceable, i can not see the quality/ability we need in you right now, but, i once think you have those.


  • Yes, secretary. I wrote a lot those days and i knew what i know my writing skills sucks. glad i have some guy to help me. final, i finished those crap, I can not believe some parts of those paper are written by me.
  • besides writing papers, I went around, hand in papers to different people, get their signature. even printed the paper.
  • A teacher call me everyday around 9 am to wake up and go to he office, to write.

Team Leader

  • i don’t like this title, but i did have those title in some document files. since i talked to the guys in the team, i have to think and assigned tasks about we need to do at this point and future as well to them, based on their skills, attitute and motivation. i think i am doing ok, hoping they will do the same:)


  • yeah, that’s what i love most, luckily i found i need some simple but basic feature/service but it didn’t exist. so i write a script to get it done and i am using it on a daily basis. of course i open source of this project at github The Backup-Box
  • The Backup-Box it can sync/backup you files using the services provided by stuffs like dropbox, google drive, amazon cloud but offers a feature that allowed you to select any files on your machine and get it backed up, you don’t have to manually put those files into the directory in the cloud drive
  • yesterday i found the first version code of hub looks ugly and seems confuse, so i rewrite most of them, it now looks much like my code:)
  • i start to take license seriously, so i chose MIT Open Source License to publish bub.


  • i went to a Linux class in school, but i ran off in less than ten minutes.because i don’t find any nice girl in the classroom.
  • kidding, i got other stuff to take care of at that time.
  • kidding, again. if there is nice girl in the classroom, that ‘other stuff’ can certainly wait another hour:)

Some other stuffs

  • i am glad i still stay in the campus and did’t want to quit again. this is a quit week and i don’t really enjoy this kind of busy, it’s not what i want. i just want to do my thing and get it done perfectly.
  • i don’t even got time to swim, but i got time to swim and writing blog today, it feels great. i am making progress in the pool.
  • i watched a great movie called waiting alone (http://movie.douban.com/subject/1308741/) , i found it just like a mirror to me and i just found my Liu Rong in my life, or maybe i knew it for quite a while but afraid to admit it? god, i wish i can watch this movie earlier.
  • i will watch another great movie Django Unchained this week. i should watch it earlier but just too busy this week, now that i got time, i will watch it.

Something is missing ?

nope:) good night and wish me luck.