Moving On

Summary for the past

  1. the “thing” i do in school, still making very slow progress, some of the guys starting contribute to the group, i am glad to see that.

  2. i made a small web app called find-the-one for guokr group’s searching. it works fine, i learn some new technic and it might be helpful in the future.

    • the very first redone of i made that is because I was trying to find if there’s any girl i might found interesting in tianjin. so i wrote that app, it seems that my hope didn’t come true.
    • but, there is quite amount of people like that app and using it. so, i am glad i can make another stuff people like.
    • that app is in the’s homepage :) it got about 1000pv in it’s first day.

Some other stuff

basically, i write this just want to say, i am trying so hard to moving on, and i think somehow, it might work :)

And there’s another interesting story, there’s a front desk girl i ‘kinda’ like from the company that gave me the very first job offer but i didn’t accept in the end. she saw my WeiBo about IronMan3, and we talk about the comment ‘haha hahaha hahahaha’ i gave to that movie, i went great and i found her interesting too, and she like’s billiard too. so, I might have chance to see her again, but not interview involved this time! good luck.

One last thing, i am gonna to re-watch the An The Avengers again, since i just finished the IronMan 3 a few days ago.