A Little Summary

It’s been a while

yeah, it’s been a while since i got back from holiday. and i got so much work to do lately, personal and school stuffs.

first of all, i confirmed with my teacher that the team we have now, needs new guys and needs them badly. the members we have now are great, but they have their own stuffs to care take of and i have no right to ask them to do anything, so i totally understand them.

second, about the goal out group needs to accomplished, it’s kinda big and hard. so, i hope the new guys grow more quick:) who knows. they are young, motivated, that’s good. i think.

I think i am about to give a public presentation in a few days later, in school. so, there’s a great chance to let people to know me better. also, there might be another chance of meeting the right person. so, i need to get it prepared well. and i think i do. and that’s kinda funny.

I do a few so-called-interview today. that’s another funny story:)

I met a really great girl last week, yeah, she is really great but i don’t think we will end up well. she is too great for me. i got her number which i won’t call in the near future.

that last thing is, i met vivian tonight again. which i don’t have a clue what we will talk about. so i just give her a stuffs i brought from holiday. again, i didn’t think i will give it to her, because i decided not to talk to her long time ago. but, it just happened.

I just can not move on. that’s sad:( but i will just keep trying.