Last Great Day of This Semester

yeah, this semester is finally over and i am setting in the subway’s waiting for my train back home. and right now the this place is playing one of my favorite song you belong with me by Taylor Swift

Overall, this semester is kind nice. I tried a few new stuffs and i found that i liked them:)

In the beginning of this semester, i thought i might have some more time spend with that awesome girl, that girl who dumped but i still care about, etc. but it just didn’t happen, we just met a few time. but it still felt great, actually. can anyone give me one good reason to stop thinking of her:(

Also, i put some time on that team in school, it didn’t end up like i excepted before, but i didn’t want to talk about it that much, it just ok and i am really looking forward to continue this in next semester.

In the end of this semester, i met a few great people in Beijing. the first one is Xavier, we’ve been known for like a year, and look at him, he already start him second startup company and they looks promising. we talk about technic stuffs and what filed might have chance for us, etc. the incredible part is that he still remember how we met at first time, we both take the wrong subway and get off at wrong station. that’s fun. we will be partner, in the future, i think:)

And yesterday, that was a really nice day:) I might remember that day for a while. It just simply fun and nice. she was the receptionist girl at that time when i first met her, in the company where i got my first job interview. yeah, it about a year ago, i felt her was cute at that time, but actually, we didn’t talk much.

Yesterday, i finally got a chance to met her and not doing any kinds of interviews, instead we played billiards and had dinner together:) I lost the billiards game to her, but i didn’t feel ashamed at all, LOL. then we went to a barbecue restaurant that i like a lot. it was a nice place with fun shows to watch. and I gave out my first on stage dance in that place:( which, right not i still can not believe that i actually did those things.

She is still cute, besides i felt like we have a lot in common so that we didn’t end up like running out of topics to talk about, which i was kinda afraid before we met. also, her personality is good, just like i excepted.

She said she had a good time that night, more that once. which I am not sure if she really mean it or not:) but anyway, it’s always good to here stuffs like this.

I don’t know how she think of me, but i think we will met again, then, i will win the billiard game, at least:)

Also there’re some funny parts i think i should also mention in here.

  1. I lost the billiards game, i did make some brilliant shots. but somehow, i just lose.
  2. When we got to the restaurant, we had to siting right next to each other, on the one side of the table. but i like setting in front of people, i thought that’s more comfortable. we both sitting in the one side of that table just looks like much more intimate. The reason we do this is because that table has a really good view of the show, which made it less awkward.
  3. luckily, i think she liked the show.
  4. when we about to got back, in the bus station.
    • she said are you sure you can find your way back to the hotel? should i take you to there?
    • i replied i think i can, besides, my hotel’s traffic is not that good…
    • then, she yelled at me who says i want to take you to the hotel? i just want to take you to a subway station, blahblah…
    • OK, that was awkward enough. haha ;(

That’s probably how i end this semester, the summer vacation is starting from right now, let’s enjoy it yay :)