My First World-wide Tech Conference

Hi, Since I’ve got so so much stuffs to be take care of lately. so i didn’t post blog very often lately. But right now, I think everything is back to track now. and i finally got some free times to do things i’ve always planned to do:) cheers!

I just get back from a Front-end conference called JingJS 2013 hosted in Beijing. That’s a world-wide conference that let’s some people that’s very great & active at Front-end Open Source community to share there experiences and projects that they found interesting and encourage people like us to join them, to share.

So, I was chosen to be a guy named Matthew Eernisse ‘s buddy. My job mostly is to be his assistant. including communicate with the organizer and show him around the city.

When i was about to go to the airport to pick him up, I somehow met a girl Leslie who also had this assignment to pick up a speaker named Alyssa Ravasio, but then i just call her Jennifer Aniston. because i found she looks like Jennifer Aniston, in some way. so… I will talk about it later.

Later on, Another speaker join us. He is Oren Golan. A handsome & charming guy who don’t drink. yeah, he does NOT drink alcohol.

After me and Leslie got those three speaker off the plane, We decided to let them take the subway to the hotel. Because we thought they might want to feel what it’s like in young people’s daily life, taking subway go to work, etc.

That’s pretty amazing. Matthew said. the subway is tooooo crowd. HAHAHAAHA.

Then we went out of the subway and can not grab a available taxi. Matthew felt amazed again:)

The next two days we went go the conference, met a lot of great guys from different countries. That’s so mind-blowing event. The way that people loves Open Source is so beyond my imagination. A Chinese guy talked to Matthew about that his company develop a framework that likes Node a lot but using coroutine instead of callbacks. and is not ready to open source yet. But Matthew just kept saying that you need to open source! again and agin. that’s really funny.

Besides the conference, we had two different parties those days. one is a little more geeky and the other it more like a normal party. people drink, got drunk and plays beer ball Ping Pong. Me and a guy call motherFORKER even win a round! pretty amazing!

Me and Matthew also talk about stuffs like what’s developer’s life like in China, the ways to think as a developer and what his thought about his company yammer being bought my Microsoft last year. Also, the GFW is a topic you can never avoid, especially when you talked with someone who just came to China:)

Finally, Here is some of the highlights of these two days.

  • Just picked up Oren at airport. Leslie made this name tag for me(Because mine is too ugly). It looks great!


  • Developers on a crowd subway

    Photo 2

  • Matthew kept saying Go Open Source

    Photo 3

  • Yay! That’s me and Developer Jennifer Anistor :)

    Photo 4

I had a really really funny & interesting days with all of you guys:):) Sorry, I forget to mention those Javascript & Node stuffs :( they are less interesting!