Summary for 2013 & Resolutions for 2014

I just enjoyed the new year’s eve with my friends in University, which i am about to graduate in a few months later.

Last night was fun and I will definitely tell that story about “You have got to be talented enough if you want to be a pro DOTA player”, to my friends and spread to the world:)

All right, this post is about the Last year and 2014.

2013 The Summary

  • First and foremost, I got a pretty good offer this year, so i got less worried about the things after my graduation.

  • Besides that, I made some really good friends this year which i haven’t know them in the first 3 years of my university life. They are kinda awesome, by the way. We all know they we might not gather very often in the future and we all went separate ways. But friendships are forever. Our friendship will not just fade away, i believe.

  • I started to using Apple Products, they looks cool and made my life & work more productive than before. Even though I am not officially having any kinds of JOBS in 2013. But i did write a lot of codes, i guess:) and since i’ve got an offer right after my graduation, I think i will continue to buy new Apple Products when their new devices come out. Still, I believe in those experiences i have in Linux is the main factor make my work more productive in Mac.

  • I’ve learned some new skills, which should be my main concern, it’s ok. my horizon got bigger. And i put more focus on the way of accomplish something, from a higher view.

  • I started loving to sharing my knowledges & skills with people, I gave two 「XXX for the newbies in TJPU」series presentation in my school. If I were a the audience in my presentation, i’d be shocked:)

  • In the later this year, I started to purchase coffee bean and make my coffee by hand then founded a start-up company called「Master Lee’s Food and Technology, LTD」. This company has it’s board , CEO, CTO and some other C*Os. I am the CEO, of course:) In the beginning, coffee’s our main product, but sooner our business expand to some another fields as well. The guys in this company are eager for our IPO :) Just this morning, the first day of the year, The CEO of this company making coffee for the employees.

  • Not having any big surprise in relationship, which i thought is a huge regret/failure in this year.

2014 The Resolutions

  • Yeah, this comes more important than work, i think you know what it’s. I don’t want to write the last summary i wrote for 2013 again.

  • Keep learning new stuffs, be passion about new stuffs and life, dare to break any kinds of limitations.

  • I want to make some real contributions to the Open Source Community

  • I know I will make some new friends, hoping they like me as my friends did.

  • I don’t know how much difficulties and pressure i’d got in my first official job, but to be honest, I don’t expect much of them:)

  • I’d move to HangZhou and live there for quite a long time, hoping i’d love to stay in that city.

  • Gaining some weight.

Thank you

  • I’d like to my thank family and friends, they have faith in me and made me who i am today. I think i am doing pretty fine now. I am so so much thankful & graceful for that.

  • Even though i don’t have a good scores on paper, i don’t looks like a great student in my university. But, you know. I am kinda awesome today:) LOL

  • That’s all, Let’s find out what this year has in store for me and I wish you a happy and lucky new year:)