Having Fun

Hi, I am having a really really awesome vacation now and I met some really really attractive girls that i wished we could met earlier! That’s why I am not coding as much as i used to.

Basically, i met a girl that almost fit every criteria in my “LIST” for what kind of girl i wanna be with.

  • She looks nice and attractive, especial her eyes.
  • She is a fan of Taylor Swift, She once taught me to sing Taylor’s songs, but my voice ruined everything:)
  • She majored in Math & economics, which some sort of means that she is not dumb:) and now she is a Math teacher.
  • She loves to eat delicious foods.
  • We share some common interests, it’s really rare in this city.
  • We sometime chat for hours in the late night and say goodbyes.
  • She has plans for her future.
  • I’d been in her bedroom for like one or two minutes^
  • blah..blah

I feel really really sad for the fact that we’re working & living in two different cities and there’s not much time left for us:(

We don’t know much about each other yet, but I think she might found me interesting as well, sometimes when we hang out i could felt that she cared for me on purpose, just like someone I used to be with, then I pretended like i don’t know. LOL. but I once try to set her up with my best friend which pissed her off, now my friend is kinda fall in love with her, that’s really funny! I don’t know how i felt when i saw two of them flirting in front of me. anyway, since i am not able to stay in this city, there’s no chance for us to do this long distance thing:( that’s life, hum?

So, I start to hoping my life in Hangzhou could be wonderful.

that’s it, good night:)