Feeling Young & Energetic Again

Good morning to you all:)

I’ve been back to university for some days, and i just had a really great fun in Happy-Valley in Tianjin with my new friend:)

I’m always enthusiasm about for stuffs like Happy-Valley since I was a kid. When I started my university here, I’ve been to Beijing’s Happy-Valley for some times. That was fun! Now, I finally had a chance to go to Tianjin’s Happy-Valley, which I dreaming for some time:) I really mean it, so thank you, my friend came with me to this wonderful & exciting place.

So, we had a great hot-pot in one of my favorite restaurants then went to the hotel the other night. That hotel is great with a giant lobby.

Thanks to me to pick this hotel which is only a few steps away from the Happy-Valley.

Then, the adventure began. We almost played all the stuffs except those that are suspended due to some maintaining reasons.

The roller coasters, haunted houses, etc.. That were so exciting which I haven’t experienced for some years and now, I am feeling that again, just like a teenager:) Finally, I got wetted.

I am just feeling I am still younger and energetic:) and thank you, my new friends for spending your time with me. That’s a fantastic experience.

PS, I found a cool stuff call 「Instax 」, it’s a kind of cameras that can produce the actual photos instantly. No wonder so many gift tips for girls recommend it. it’s just interesting and looks cute! i’d love to buy one some time:)