0x18 & Getting Ready

Hi, I am writing this in my original kind-of-awesome apartment in Hangzhou, a city where I could live for a while.

I got there a week ago and I celebrate my 0x18th birthday with a friend I made in Hangzhou. She even brought me a birthday cake, which she insisted to do so.

On my birthday, I went to Xixi National Park, it has a great landscape with trees, flowers and lakes. The air is excellent as well, not like downtown in Hangzhou. The funny part was, when I ready to get out of the park, I decide to walk, because I thought I could do this but, in the end I almost got lost and my phone is dying, luckily I saw a shuttle. Otherwise, you might not be able to see this post:)

xixi1 xixi2 xixi3 xixi4 xixi5 bd

Another thing is I rented an awesome apartment. It’s so great and it even got a digital panel in the room, it can control all the electrical devices in the room, it’s really amazing! And I did a lot of housework as well, because I will live in this apartment for some time, I don’t want it to be a mass.

And the last thing is, I will sign up for Alibaba tomorrow, finally, wow. I don’t know what my days will be, but I think it will be so much funny & Exciting! Let’s wait and see.