Last Days of Being a Student

Hi, it’s been a while since the last post. Now I am almost half way out of this school. After the final thesis defense take place in the early June, I will officially walk out this school, a place that brought me so much joy, sadness and brotherhood.

I hurry back to Tianjin in the early May, and I amazingly finished the final project and it’s paper within a week. And it seems like a great work that I’ve made. I’ve never wrote this amount of code or word within such a short notice. But anyway, I made it, so that I can have time to have fun:) I will go back to Hangzhou tomorrow and stay for a few days, to be with that girl I met months ago then fell in love with. The feeling that having someone care for you is great. Also, I accomplished the most import goal of this year:)

She is great, from as far as i can tell:)

So now, I consider my university life is completed .

I thank you all!