Thoughts After Training

Hi, I am just back from an almost two-weekends non-stop training class held by my company. It’s a lot of fun and I met a lot of some amazing guys. We might be very good friends in the future.

But in this post, neither those brain-wash stuffs nor so called company culture will be talked about.

The main point of me writing this post is that I found some attitudes in some people and I like to talk about.

So, let’s begin, there’s some background. We got a task to make a simple web app within about two or three days, and after some discussion, i was voted to be the one that takes control, consequently, I design The whole architecture and assign the tasks to my teammates

So, after we started carrying out the project, here are some attitudes I saw in the team and my thoughts towards them (No bad feelings.)

  • Some people know how to their jobs. And they did contribute. I did appreciate it, they are motivated.
  • Some people are less motivated. In fact, they are very skilled. But, they do not want to contribute more, just finished his work that assigned to him then leave
  • Also, there are two kinds of people that might not been fit for a particular task:
    • One will ask other people what he can do or what he needs to learn in order to finish some task.
    • While the other one will just stay quiet and do nothing.

Obviously, to me, as the guy in control, it’s easy to figure out that what kinds of attitude are better. So, I write this post to remind me what attitudes I should have in the future, if I am in some similar situation in the future