Summary for 2014 & Resolutions for 2015

Hello and Happy new year to you all:)

I was so busy those days and I am back to writing posts in the early beginning of 2015.

In fact, I’ve been planning to write this post weeks ago as I always did, but you did, I just too busy to write posts, right now, I also need to set up my server, God knows what will happen.

Now, Let’s begin.

Summary for 2014

  • This is the biggest one and one really changed me a lot, that is, I finally found someone, I gave her a very sweet nickname ‘xjx’. She was just a normal girl to me when we first meet, as the day went by, i started to realized that how special & cute she is, she started to mad at me sometimes as well:) She takes care of me very well and we love each other. Oh God! she is such a cute girl and i just can’t stop saying that:)Every time she smiles i could felt the simply fact through her eyes, that is, we are happy together:) Till now, our feelings to each other doesn’t seems to fade. Being with her, i feel more confident, happy, and sweet. And most importantly, I want to give her more joys, just like she gave me^

  • This is truly a great year for me. I graduated from university and started to work. I really love my job right now, I love programming, I write codes almost everyday, even in weekends, but I never felt boring about it. Also, this job pays me well so that I could buy stuffs for me and xjx. I never thought about i will be a Mac or iOS programming this year, but you know what, i not only write Mac programmings, but also make iOS Apps. And I really did those things well very, I just cannot image how good I will be in the end of 2015.

  • Let’s talk about my work a little bit, it’s really busy and sometimes I felt pressure, but i think I can handle those stuffs, just because i think I can. It’s a whole new experience working with different people, but it’s interesting.

  • I know my mom, my family and xjx are really proud of me, I felt truly happy for that:)

Resolutions for 2015

  • Be a good guy, good son.

  • Be a good boyfriend, do not let xjx down, for she gave me her best year of her life. We’ll have more fun this year!

  • Helping xix to find some that really interests her.

  • Even though this year I will have more work & pressure to deal with, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, never, never let those stuffs take me down. I don’t want to be a work-machine. I still need to keep improving myself, learning new skills, exploring new things and finding more interesting stuffs in our life. Just like I did all the time.

  • Be a good iOS & Mac developer.

  • If possible, making a real App, it’s talking about for years.

  • I wish my family and xjx a healthy and happy year.

  • It’s strange. I cannot think much of it right now.