Personal Informations

  • Name: Sunus Lee
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Current Location: Tianjin, China

Contact Information

  • Phone: +086 [Hidden]
  • E-mail: [Hidden]

Education Background

  • School: Tianjin Polytechnic University, Software Engineering
  • English: CET-6


  • 2012.6 ~ 2013.1(Intern)
    • In Beijing Cloud Valley, working as developer.
  • 2013.2 ~ Now
    • Leading a small cloud computing team (formed by students) in Tianjin Polytechnic University.



  1. Got the first experience with Linux in 2009, till now working on full linux environment for some years. Have some knowledges for main distributions (RedHat/Debian/Arch), also got the ability to write the proper scripts(shell/python) to do the necessary small automatic tasks. Besides, I also have the experiences in Server, Networking Configuration/Troubleshooting. Right now, I am using ArchLinux & OS X.

Programming Languages

  1. C, Start using C since 2009, Most of my C codes are written under Linux environment and got quite deep understanding in C.
  2. Python, The second language i’ve learned and used since 2011, still use Python frequently till now. Familiar with basic and most-used modules(built-in and third-part). Also have the basic knowledge and experiences in Python Web Frameworks.(Django/Flask)
  3. Ruby, The third language i learned in 2012, now write ruby on rails codes for my own App Project.
  4. Javascript, I learned it along with Ruby for my App Project and also use it quite often for some other projects. Have experience in Javascript itself and some frameworks like JQuery as well.
  5. Shell, Got the ability to write the proper scripts(shell/python) to do the necessary small automatic tasks.(Maintain, Sync, Small tools)
  6. SQL, Basic SQL and database design skills.

Some other stuffs

  1. Strong ability and desire to learn new skills.
  2. Good coding style in every language i’ve used.
  3. Strong ability to read and write English comments/manuals/docs/.
  4. Ability to acquire necessary informations from sites like ,
  5. Love Open Source & Linux

Recent Projects

  1. Ovirtnode-Config-Setup

  2. Find-the-one

  3. Vim-Plugins(Write those for fun and based on my needs)

    1. ColorSchemePicker

    2. show-git-log

  4. MIT6.828 JOS COURSE

    • URL
    • Source Code
    • It’s a online course i took in 2010, writing a some unix-like operating system with the basic functions. It involves with boot-up, Memory Managment, Interrupt and Exception handling, Process scheduling and Inter Process Communication and File System. Most codes arc written in C.
  5. Tianjin Polytechnic University Cloud Computing Team (OpenStack)

    • URL
    • 2013.3~Now As Leader
    • Setting up the environments and team wikis.
    • Got the basic knowledge in OpenStack
    • Recruiting new guys.
    • Some other stuffs.(docs, papers, etc)

SNS infos

  1. Github:
  2. Gitcafe:
  4. Blog: